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Meet Our Staff

"A teacher is a role model, inspirer, motivator, counselor, and mentor. He should constantly guide student in overcoming their difficulties and provide feedback to them to improve themselves for brightening their future." 

Dr. Sher Singh Morodiya .jpeg

Dr. Sher Singh Morodiya 


Ph.D. (Mgt), Master of Nursing (RAKCON), M.B.A. (Hospital Mgt.), RN & RM, MADE, MA (English), PGDDE, PGDHE, PGDT, BJMC


  • Author of the acclaimed work in Nursing Education "Performance Appraisal in Nursing (Issues and Challenges)"

  • Chief Editor of "International Journal of Medical-Surgical Nursing"

  • Award-winning research paper “ Digital Transformation of Health Services in SMS Hospital, Jaipur (Rajasthan)”

        Chairman, Director

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