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From the Desk of Director


Welcome you to Mahatma Gandhi Group Of Colleges. The primary objective of Mahatma Gandhi Group Of Colleges is to create a center of excellence in education with traditional Indian heritage and values, having a global orientation. When you step into the enchanting world of Mahatma Gandhi Group Of Colleges, its various educational programs will see you through an exciting process of personal growth and career fulfillment.


At Mahatma Gandhi Group of Colleges, we believe in providing holistic education, we also provide various platforms to help students enhance their knowledge and skills in areas that we believe are important for their all-round development. Our experienced team of faculty and support service members will prepare you to assume a responsible position in the industry and reinforce in you the ability to adopt the change.


Mahatma Gandhi Group Of Colleges is focused on value addition to the courses that offer to the student community and provides a unique combination of academic excellence, opportunities, choices, and experiences.


We invite those, who like to excel and win, to join hands with us to build a new cadre of effective and ethical leaders who will accelerate growth in the new era of economic liberalization and globalization. Come, let us build a prosperous India together.


Daluram Chahar


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